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bicho 0.0.3 released


Bicho is a ruby gem implementing access to bugzilla. It is a library but comes with a simple command line client.

This release fixes some bugs and adds support for named queries.

From the API, you can give a bug number or named query, or a combination of many of them:

server.get(127043, 432423) => [....]
server.get("Named list") => [....]
server.get("Named list", 4423443) => [....]

Named queries will be “expanded” to a list of bugs.
or from the command line

bicho -b https://user:pw@bugzilla.domain.com show query-name

If you are using Novell’s bugzilla, Bicho includes a plugin that automatically authenticates using your .oscrc credentials.

Be sure to also checkout Klaus’s bugzilla adapter for data-mapper, which is also powered by Bicho.

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